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What is .Net?

This hands on course provides students with hands on experience using Visual Studio to create desktop Windows Forms and web applications using the .NET 4.0 Framework using CU. The course provides a thorough introduction to the Ctt programming language, includ-ing coverage of the essentials of the 0$ programming language, built in data types, operators, control structures, classes and methods, col-lections and exception handling. Students then learn how to leverage the power of the .NET Framework to build desktop and Web applications. Students learn how to build Windows and Web Forms applications and use with a variety of controls to create sophisticated user interfaces. Students also learn how to use the Background Worker to perform asynchronous operations. Students also learn how to use ADO.NET to interact with databases and XML files. Students learn how Windows Forms uses data binding to display data in controls such as the Data Grid View and Chart. Students also learn how to build and interact with simple WCF SOAP Web Services. Comprehensive labs provide the students with extensive experience creating and deploying Windows Forms-based desktop applica-tions.

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Intro To Core .Net

.Net Framework 4.0

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About .Net Framework 4.0- Common Language Run time- Base Class Library, Namespaces

– Understanding the Role of Namespaces

– Defining Custom Namespaces

— Referencing Members in a Namespace

— common Type System (CTS)

— Intermediate Language

— Assemblies

Intro to Visual Stuidio

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Creating a Project

-Using the Code Editor

-Correcting Syntax Errors

-Setting Project Properties

-Adding References

– Compiling, Running and debugging your first Program

-using the MSDN (Help)

Introduction to c#

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C# Basic Data types and Statements

—Overview of Programming Structure and Concepts

-Understanding Data Types

– Working with Variables Constants and Literals

-Reference Types & Value Types, Boxing and UnBoxing


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