With classroom training, you receive in-person instruction from experts in one of our state-of-the-art training facilities. This is a fully hands-on learning experience with a subject matter expert to guide you through each exercise and answer all your questions.

Find the classroom that fits your need. Classroom training can be single topic solution area training that spans from 1 to few days or Academy training bundles that enable students to achieve expertise in one area or prepare for a certification exam over couple days.


Instruction – an instructor in facilitates LED Online Training online or in a classroom setting. Instruction – LED Online Training allows learners and instructors / facilitators to interact and discuss the training material individually or in a group setting. Instruction – LED Online Training is known as Virtual Instructor – LED Training.

         STRYDO offers Instruction – LED Online Training for the individuals who cannot attend the classroom training. We conduct online training using state – of – the – art technologies to ensure the wonderful experience of online interactive learning.



From a very early age, we all learned how to process new information. No matter how long it took us to learn our native language or multiplication, we developed the ability to learn the necessary information to go about our daily lives.

         Self-paced learning differs from other learning methods because you are in control of what you learn and when you learn it. Learning at your own pace is not necessarily a new form of learning, but the concept is still somewhat new for businesses. You are expected to be on boarded and operative within a short amount of time. Most likely, the process is different than what you may be accustomed to and getting up to speed can be challenging.


With technology covering most of the industries today under its huge umbrella, it has become mandatory for students and professionals to be skilled in the trending technology. Although engineering colleges and institutions today are providing quality education, students need to master the relevant tool to work as productive employees in an industry. To provide individual research training opportunities including international to trainees at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels



Corporate training has evolved rapidly in recent years to move beyond training just new hires, sales people and leaders. Learning and development professionals and corporate trainers are seen as strategic partners who are critical to the success of their business.

          Why? Organizations today suffer from a skills gap. And many companies say that it takes 3-5 years to take a seasoned professional and make them productive. This means companies have to train, retrain, and jointly educate employees and managers in order to grow. As millennial take on more responsibility, companies will need to build leadership and communication skills at all levels and in all locations around the world.


Job placement assistance is a form of help provided to job seekers from all walks of life by a variety of different sources. This type of assistance usually includes a combination of career counseling and skills assessment, along with guidance on writing a resume, drafting a cover letter and filling out a job application. Job placement facilitators then help job seekers find appropriate position openings and work with them to prepare for interviews.

         Whenever a candidate wants assistance in an internship, he can choose from the list of internship opportunities available through this platform by registering at STRYDO. Candidates can also avail academic projects assistance or guidance from our team.